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Fill Your Life
With Flowers

Community Supported Agriculture

Enjoy your share of our harvest through our CSA Bouquet Subscription program. With a variety of share options, you can enjoy six to ten weeks of freshly cut, in-season flowers making up a lush, hand-tied bouquet to be enjoyed in your home, office or by a loved one throughout the share season. 


CSAs have been in operation for well over 100 years. The concept strives to create a supportive and sustaining balance between farmer and consumer. This method allows community members to enjoy the fruits of our labor while sharing in the risk of sustainable agriculture. Your support will allow us to continue to build and maintain our sustainable and responsible farming mission. 


Shares are purchased ahead of the growing season. As the season commences, CSA members will receive the first share of our harvest before they are made available to other sales channels. We have done our best to predict what week each season’s share will commence, but this date is subject to change depending on weather impacts to our farm. CSA Shares are pick-up only from our farm in Ozark, located conveniently off NN 1 mile north of the Jackson St exit off Highway 65. 


In addition to enjoying our first harvests, our CSA family will receive additional perks including a discount code for 15% off one of our

on-farm workshops or you-pick events, and 10% off any bouquet

or bunch farmstand purchase for the season!


The number of available CSA Shares are limited. See below for details and purchase of our various share options. We hope you choose to claim your share and fill your life with flowers!


CSA Bouquet Shares

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New to CSA and still have questions? We have rounded up a few frequently asked when considering joining. We hope you will find that a CSA is right for you!

Is there a risk in joining a CSA?

CSA by nature supports local farms by sharing in the risk and benefits of sustainable, local farming. Nearly 80% of the flowers sold in the US are imported from other continents. Your support through our CSA will help to build the local flower movement while enjoying flowers in a more responsible and sustainable way. Farming itself comes with a great many risks and uncontrollable factors - the CSA member helps share in that risk. Fields that took months to cultivate and care for can be devastated in moments by severe weather. While such an event would be a financial strain to the farm regardless, the support of the CSA would enable the farm to stay afloat and make it to the next season.

What if I go out of town during my share season?

With at least 1 week advance notice we can pause your share for 1 week and offer you a credit toward a future week bouquet. This bouquet could either be doubled up during another week of your share, or become a dollar value credit toward a market bouquet purchase from our Farmstand during another share season within the growing year. You may also consider gifting that week’s bouquet to a friend!

Where and how will I pick-up my bouquet?

All pick-ups will be located on our farm in Ozark and conveniently accessed from our Farmstand. Stone Hill Farm is located conveniently and visibly off of NN, just 1 mile north of the Jackson St exit. Before your CSA season begins, you will receive an email with specific instructions as to how and where to collect your weekly bouquet. 

Can I customize my bouquet?

CSA bouquets will not be customized. We are growing nearly 100 varieties of flowers across the seasons, each presenting their own beautiful qualities. Great consideration will go into each bouquet to ensure a complimentary mix of colors and flowers are provided. 

When will I know the official first week of my share season?

We have done our best to predict the start date of each CSA, but this could be impacted by weather. You will be notified a minimum of 1 week in advance of your first share pick-up date.

How many stems can I expect in each bouquet?

We expect to have 20+ stems per summer bouquet and 10+ for the dahlia bouquet, depending on conditions. 

Can I purchase a CSA as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! CSAs make an amazing gift. Please be mindful that this will be accessible through local pick-up only and no deliveries will be made available.  If the person responsible for bouquet pick-ups is not the same person as the purchaser, please provide their email in the notes section of your purchase. 

Are CSA members required to put in volunteer work hours on the farm?

Nope! We will put in the work - you simply enjoy the flowers!

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