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Located on an Ozark Mountain hilltop, we are a small flower farm growing dozens of varieties of specialty cut, seasonal flowers. Using biodynamic farming practices, we provide flowers to our local community through our Flower CSA, Farmstand, You-Pick Experiences, Workshops, and other local events and custom design work. In our fields and bouquets you will find unique varieties of poppies, zinnias, sunflowers and dahlias amongst a collection of uncommon and magical supporting flowers and foliages. We look forward to connecting over our mutual love of flowers! 




Hello, I’m Taryn!


People have asked me if I ever imagined that this is what I would be doing with my life. My answer, without hesitation, is yes! Some of my most seminal childhood experiences took place on my great-grandparents farm in Seymour, MO. My five-year-old self dreamed of being a cowgirl when she grew up. I have never met an animal I haven’t had a conversation with and no matter the season of life I have always surrounded myself with flowers. 


My journey here has included 15+ years of studies and career in Hotel Management in Fayetteville and Little Rock, AR, Austin, TX, and Napa, CA. Within my various roles I have always found a way to feel connected to flowers. I’ve selected florals for room service trays and lobby arrangements, designed special holiday installations, and forged hotel partnerships with local agro-tourism companies such as P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm. On my days off I would seek out flowers as a way to fill my cup, drive an hour to a farmstand, farmers market, or you-pick farm, then take my treasures home to arrange and place around the house to keep me going until my next flower hunt. 


In 2020, life started to feel very fragile and fleeting. I decided to pay closer attention to what I truly enjoyed and wanted out of my life with the intention to start running after those things wholeheartedly. With the support of loved ones and education from Floret Online Workshop, we moved from Napa, CA, back home to the Ozarks and made the leap into flower farming!


In addition to flowers, I find great inspiration in beautiful things: textiles, tablescapes, interiors, and landscapes. I have a deep affection for all things British, from interior and garden design to novels, films, and shows. All of which has served as a point of inspiration for our property and brand. I love animals dearly, and hope to have the farm filled with them in the future. I could eat bread for every meal, and serendipitously am married to a pastry and baking chef. I am equal-parts right and left-brained with a talent for planning and analyzing paired with a need for tactile and creative outlets. Magically, flower farming enables me to live out all of those joys!


Having the name “Taryn” has given me a lifelong curiosity and love of names, their origins, and meanings. I never much connected with the meaning of my name, but after buying a property on Stone Hill Rd and launching Stone Hill Farm, having the name meaning “rocky hill” feels pretty special after all. It is a wild, beautiful, and rewarding journey to reinvent your life in your 30’s and I am loving every bit of it! I hope to inspire you to connect with the things you love and to fill your life with more flowers! Thank you for coming along this ride with me. Yay Flowers!


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